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Real estate business is considered as the second largest business sector, only after agriculture in terms of employment generation and its contributing heavily towards India's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It also is the second largest sector in terms of indirect employment generation. In stock market, Companies carrying business activities in this sector are fascinated by the investors.

Equinox is acquiring land by purchase, lease, hire or otherwise develop land for Housing Complexes, Town-ship, Apartment Houses, Shopping Malls, Market, Industrial plots, Economic Zones, ware-houses, and other purposes. Promoters of the Company are experienced as developers & promoters, real-estate agents, forward selling, infrastructure management and are backed by a battery of civil engineers, architect engineers, technicians, financial experts.

Equinox is in the process to create land bank in small towns across India considering rapid urbanization everywhere. In Bengal investment, some Organizations have earned on and average 30% - 40% appreciation on their investment for the last five years. Land in Bengal now is an important issue even in politics. After Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore & Hyderabad, Kolkata is coming up as an emerging City. All big corporate in this sectors are in search of land in and around Kolkata which is spread over 100 K.M. radiuses in small towns surrounding Kolkata.

Unemployment is the burning question of the day. With the rapid increase of population, the problem of unemployment has been getting more and more acute every day. To combat this situation, in addition to the Agricultural development Industrial growth and development is the prime need of the day. Bengal had its glorious history in the past in the field of Tea, Jute and Coal Industry. Those glorious days of Industry is now a reminiscent of the past. Bengal is still a rich land for its natural sources. Its traditional strength are mainly concentrated within sectors like Rice, Jute, Fisheries, Mineral sources. Its natural beauty, except Kashmir, is unparallel even to day. EQUINOX, a newly modernized meditative Company wants to utilize this treasure scrupulously for the bettermen of the downtrodden people.